Vol 27 No 2 (2022)
Issue Description

The Journal of Agricultural Engineering and Technology is peer referred journal with the objectives to explore, develop and elucidate the knowledge of Engineering design and technology, to keep Practitioners and Researchers informed on current issues and best practices, as well as serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise among technology researchers and practitioners. JAET is published by the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers (NIAE), A Division of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).


R. R. Dinrifo, A. F. Alonge, J Audu, A. O. Adegbenjo
1 - 23
A Review of the Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture: Prospects and Challenges in Nigeria
M. O. Ale, S. I. Manuwa, T. Ewetumo
24 - 31
Assembly and Evaluation of an Instrumentation System of a Cassava Planter
U. I. Tanam, T. A. Ishola, J. O. Olaoye
32 - 42
Establishment of a Functional Relationship for Acha Harvester Material Capacity and Energy Requirement Based on Machine Operating Parameters Using Regression Modelling Approach
J. A. Olaniran, A. O. Adebayo, A. B. Afonja
43 - 53
Effect of Some Machine Parameters on Floatability and Water Stability of Fish Feed Pellets
M. F. Umunna, K. J. Simonyan, T. Paul, I. Okosa
54 - 68
Drying Characteristics of Indigenous Ginger Rhizomes under Cabinet Dryer: An Experimental Study
S. N. Oyewole, J. O. Olaoye, S. A. Ibrahim, I. S. Ayanda, A. O. Ogunbiyi, A. O. Akinyera
69 - 82
Performance Evaluation of a Multi-Layer Solar Tent Dryer using Shea Nut
Akachukwu Ben Eke, Phillipa Chinyere Ojimelukwe, Oji Onu Ekumankama, Emmanuel Olufemi Ekundayo, Okezie Anthony Nwaorgu, Samuel E Obge, Osemedua Okafor-Yadi, Nnamaka C. Madu, Cypril Dirioha
83 - 96
Development and Performance Evaluation of Cocoa-Beans Active Solar Cabinet Dryer Primed with Solar Cells
T. Paul, I. E. Ekop, K. J. Simonyan
97 - 109
Some Physical Properties Of Dried Tympanotosus Fuscatus And Pachymelania Aurita Periwinkle Meat
William Adebisi Olosunde, Iniama Mfonobong Ekpenyong
110 - 128
Modeling and Optimization of Process Conditions and some Nutritional Qualities of Dried Tomato using Response Surface Methodology
Valentine Ngozi Ekejiuba, Isiguzo Edwin Ahaneku, Emmanuel Chukwudi Ekeoma
128 - 146
Modelling the Effect of Soil Compaction on the Growth of Maize and Cowpea in Humid Tropics
Adekunle Temidayo Atta, Babatunde Ogunsina, Adeyemi Adegbenjo, Olusegun Awe
147 - 157
Prediction of Tomatoes Freshness Using Infrared Thermography
O. G. Okeola, A.K. Adeleke
158 - 177
Dam Break Analysis Using HEC-RAS