Vol 27 No 1 (2022)
Issue Description

The Journal of Agricultural Engineering and Technology is peer referred journal with the objectives to explore, develop and elucidate the knowledge of Engineering design and technology, to keep Practitioners and Researchers informed on current issues and best practices, as well as serving as a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise among technology researchers and practitioners. JAET is published by the Nigerian Institution of Agricultural Engineers (NIAE), A Division of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE).


J. C. Ehiem, V. I. O. Ndirika, U. N. Onwuka
1 - 14
Determination of Some Physical Properties of Canarium Schweinfurthii Engl Nuts from Nigeria
B. G. Jahun, D. D. Usman, J. A. Mustapha, S. Adamu, S. A. Iya
15 - 27
Investigating the Effect of Blade Cutting Angles of a Manual Hoe on Operator’s Heart Rate during Weeding Operations
D. D. Usman, O. U. Dairo, O. J. Adeosun, B. G. Jahun
28 - 43
Physicochemical Properties of Biodiesel Blends Derived from Mahogany (Khaya Senegalensis) Seed Oil for use as Alternative Fuel
Mohammed Umar Mustapha, Normala Halimoon
44 - 51
Copper Removal Using Ochrobactrum Specie Isolated from Contaminated Wastewater
U. I. Tanam, J. O. Olaoye
52 - 61
Determination of Crop and Machine Parameters Relevant to the Harvesting and Postharvest Handling of Acha
E. O. Ariyo, J. O. Olaoye, S. N. Oyewole
62 - 76
Influence of Tillage, Nutrient and Weed Management on Chemical Properties of Sandy-Loam Soil and Yield of Soybean
K. O. Yusuf, H. O. Yakub, A. K. Yusuf
77 - 91
Impact of Magnetized Water on Compressive Strength and Durability of Sandcrete Block
O. K. Owolarafe, V. O. Okorie, G. O. Binuyo, B. S. Ogunsina, S. O. Obayopo, T. A. Morakinyo, I. A. Owolabi, G. A. Badmus, I. O. Olaoye
92 - 108
Technological Capability of Small-Scale Oil Palm Fruit Processors in the Production of Special Palm Oil in Nigeria
B. D. Odugbose, O. I. Dada, H. O. Adeyemi, T. O. Opafola, C. F. Emeadi
109 - 120
Assessment of the adsorbent capacity of sawdust briquette in treating crude oil contaminated water
O. A. Akinyera, O. A. Akinyera, S. N. Oyewole, A. O. Ogunbiyi, M. O. Ogundare, F. F. Olayemi
121 - 132
Determination of Efficacy of NSPRIDUST® as Maize Protectant in Silo